This function is designed to allow upload of a single data file directly into CustomerGauge for immediate processing (Mailqueue) and email sending. Depending on active rules and data types (usually order_date field) customer emails will be sent immediately.

This API will load emails into the mail-queue, and may start immediate processing. Make sure you test this before bulk uploads! 

IMPORTANT: The File Size Limit for API's is 2MB.

Resource Information

Response formatsJSON (default), XML
Response familyfile
HeaderAuthorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:

Uploading Files

Files can be uploaded by posting the file itself.

Upload by File Posting

Upload File Data.

Post data as if posted by a form.

Upload File Data Example

fileDocuments/file_name.xmlAutomatically provided when POST-ing a file through HTTP protocol.

Upload File Example Request

cURL Examplecurl -F “file=@LOCAL_LOCATION/file_name.xml” “”

Example Result

Data states if successful or not. Message reported on successful operation:



Message reported on failed operation:


{"Error":{"Message":"This upload has already been processed","Code":400103}}



  • Datetime is required and in YYYY-mm-dd H : i : s format.
  • Email is required for the upload to be valid