Use these API methods to import a multitude of records (File upload) into your CustomerGauge system, or to get statistics of previous uploads.

Good to know

Maximum file size:

Please do not upload files larger than 2MB.

Maximum number of records:

Please do not upload files with more than 2,000 records.

Upload interval / frequency:

Please do not upload files more than once every 10 minutes.

Uploadable file types:

We accept CSV, XLS(X), and XML files (note: no JSON files).

API response format:

Our APIs return data in either JSON or XML format (depending on request by .json or .xml).

Method type definition:

Get Method: Use this method to get (export) data from the CustomerGauge system.

Post Method: Use this method to upload (import) data to the CustomerGauge system

When to call which API

Use this API set to upload survey invitation records – similar to doing a Transactional Upload in the In-App Upload.

If you're looking to create new survey invitation records, the POST File/Transactional is the API you're looking for.

To see the status/statistics of a Transational upload:

To upload (import) survey records into CustomerGauge:

Historical Data:
Use this API to export or upload responses and/or non-responses.
You would typically use the POST File/Historical to upload a historical data file (data from a previous Net Promoter Score® campaign conducted outside of CustomerGauge) into the system.

To see the status/statistics of a Historical upload:

To upload a new Historical file:

To upload "anonymous survey" records:

Delete Data:
Use this API to "undo" a file upload – you would often do this to clean up any tests you've done

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