CustomerGauge reports on every load (via sFTP, API or manual load) via the Data Transport Report. If you have loaded or sending problems you can diagnose them from this report.

1. First, go to the Report for your load.

Hint: go to your Import Data and from there you can go directly to the report for you load by clicking o the blue link under #Success:

2. Check on your Load Errors

Error Template:

This generally means that none of the filters in your campaign were matched by those records. 

To investigate, click on Error Template and the system will show you a list of the records that had this problem. Then click on the blue link to be taken to the record details.

Currently, there are 5 Error Templates: Template not found, Template syntax error, More than one template found, Error while rendering template and Template is empty. To access the temple is simple, just need to drill down on the error you need to check.

It is possible to check an Error Template example below:

Template not found Drill-Down Details

From there you need to ensure that each of the values in the Campaign Filter matches exactly the data that was loaded. If they are different even in terms of spaces (DivisionOne / Division One) or capitalization (Division One / Division one) the matching will not work and this error will be generated. In case all the filters match, it is also necessary to check the language filter that was supplied with the record, if an email template is not available in that particular language then as well this error will be generated.

When you discover the mismatched filter value you should either update the Campaign filter or data that you are loading.

If you have already loaded data the preference should be to change the Campaign filter, if possible, to preserve the segment reporting. 

Of course, if you have loaded incorrect segment data by accident then you should correct the data you load not the Campaign filter.


This is the number of invites that were rejected because they tripped the de-duplicate rule for your system. You should be able to see the de-duplicate rule set for your system when you drill down on Duplicated.