If you invite customers to take part in the survey through SMS, you will probably have the SMS report in your menu. The SMS report provides statistics on the processing and sending of SMS invitation records in your system. You will usually find this report under Admin in the menu - though sometimes it will be found under Reports

Status Table:

You can use the standard date and advanced filtering options on this report, just like any other report. You can click on the blue numbers to see the list of numbers.

Table items:

The number of records that were successfully pulled into CustomerGauge to attempt to send an SMS
The number of records that were flagged by your system's duplication rule and therefore blocked from being sent
The number of records successfully delivered to the recipient
Failed Pre-Delivery
Due to one of the reasons in the Error Breakdown, the request to send an SMS was rejected (no message send was attempted)
Failed Post-Delivery
The request to send an SMS was accepted and attempted, however due to one of the reasons in the Error Breakdown, the attempt failed.
The number of SMS surveys responded to
% Responses:
The SMS Response Rate

Error Breakdown

Pre-Delivery Errors: 


Invalid Message
This error means unable to process the request. For example, due to an unrecognized prefix for the phone number. 
Invalid Params
This error means that the value of one or more parameters is invalid. The most common cause of this error is non numeric telephone numbers being uploaded

Post-Delivery Errors: 

Anti-Spam Rejection
Carriers often apply restrictions that block messages following different criteria. For example, on SenderID or message content.
Network Error
A network failure while sending your message. This is a temporary failure, and CustomerGauge will retry later again.
An unknown error was received from the carrier who tried to send this message

The chosen route to send your message is not available. This is because the phone number is either:

  • Currently on an unsupported network.
  • On a pre-paid or reseller account that could not receive a message sent by from.