If you use Bazaarvoice reviews for your ecommerce platform, CustomerGauge allows your customers to post reviews to Bazaarvoice directly from the survey!

How does it work?

The process is simple: at the end of the survey, below the 'Thank You' message, the customer will see an image of the relevant product(s) they purchased, with a call-to-action link inviting them to post a review on Bazaarvoice. When they click the button, they will be directed to the Bazaarvoice environment, where they can leave a product review.


Setting up the Bazaarvoice link

When you have purchased Bazaarvoice integration, your Customer Success Manager will ensure that the Bazaarvoice survey widget becomes available in the Survey Builder. Simply add the widget to the last page of your survey. You will need to enter some information specific to your Bazaarvoice account - check with your Bazaarvoice account manager to make sure you have the correct information.