Which versions of Microsoft Dynamics are supported?

We support the versions 2013, 2015, 2016 & 365.

Where can I find my Microsoft Dynamics URL?

Once you are logged into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can find the URL in your browser's address bar. It will typically be in the format "https://companyname.crm.dynamics.com".

What is 'association name' and where can I find it?

In order to push data back into Microsoft Dynamics, you need to provide the linking name between the entity from which you pull your data for surveying, and the entity into which you want to push survey result data. You can find the association name in your Microsoft Dynamics settings. Find out the details here.

Into which field types can I push survey result data?

You can push data back into all field types except for 'option set' fields. This is because we can only push the actual data value provided by the customer, while option set fields require a value ID.

What time zone will my survey response date be in?

When you push your survey result data into Microsoft Dynamics, the time zone of the survey response date will depend on the behaviour of the field into which you are pushing. For example, if you push this information into a field with 'User Local' time zone behaviour, you will see the local time zone. If your field has 'Time Zone Independent' behaviour, you will see the time zone that CustomerGauge has stored in its database - this may be inconsistent with your own time zone.