This article refers to setting up SSO under our "old" implementation. We now have a newer way to set up SSO that is compliant with any SAML2.0 IDP. Please check back on this page for a link to the new documentation once it is ready, as any new SSO configs should be set up the new way. Please reach out to your CSM if you'd like to set up SSO before the documentation is ready, and they can assist. 

If you currently set up your SSO under this implementation, we will be in touch about migrating you over to the new implementation as this way of implementing SSO will be retired. 

CustomerGauge’s Single Sign On feature makes it easy for customers with Salesforce or Microsoft Azure Active Directory users to log into CustomerGauge using their credentials.

 Key Features:


  • Easily login into CustomerGauge using Salesforce or Azure Active Directory credentials on the CustomerGauge login page
  • For example - Users logged in to Salesforce can click on CustomerGauge links from inside Salesforce to see more information in CustomerGauge

Setup information


  • Your Salesforce or Azure Active Directory Org will be used as Identity Provider (IdP)
  • SAML 2.0 protocol
  • 'Login using Salesforce' or "Login using Azure Active Directory" button on the CustomerGauge login page
  • SSO settings page available inside CustomerGauge application making it easy to set it up.