Thank you for choosing CustomerGauge – we look forward to helping you take your customer experience to the next level. So, let's get started!

In the "8 steps to success with CustomerGauge" you will be guided through your system's setup process, getting your first survey responses, and learning what to do with them.
Each step of the process will link to related support articles which you can consult for more in-depth help. If at any point you get stuck, simply log a support ticket for more help. 

Step 1: Set up your campaign
Set up your campaign, personalise your emails and surveys, and confirm your sending rules.

Step 2: Prep your data
Make sure you have the right data in the right format to optimise successful surveying and (later on) your analysis of the responses.

Step 3: Rally your team
Make sure your workflows are in place and the right people have access to CustomerGauge.

Step 4: Launch your campaign
Test and Go Live!

Step 5: Follow up with your responders
Follow up with your customers to close the loop.

Step 6: Analyse your results
Spot issues and trends to help you implement strategic changes to your business.

Step 7: Boost your response rate
Make the most out of your survey results by keeping your customers engaged and ready to provide feedback.

Step 8: Advanced reporting and sharing results
Step up your game with more advanced analysis, and start sharing results for company-wide buy-in.

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