If you are setting up a Microsoft Dynamics integration, you will be asked to provide the 'association name' in the 'Push Criteria' section of the setup. This name is required to push data into an object/entity and relate it to a different object/entity. For example, if you wish to push a survey result into 'Task' and associate the new Task with the matching Contact, you would need this name.

You can find the relevant association name in your Microsoft Dynamics system: go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the system, click on the entity into which you want to push data (i.e. Task), choose 'N:1 Relationships' and look for the correct object/entity relationship. In this example, the correct relationship would be with the 'Contact' entity.

You will see the association name listed there - make sure you copy it exactly, avoiding any typos and keeping in mind that this name is case sensitive.