Before sending your survey invitations, you should think about how you will handle the responses that you receive. At this stage, it's a good idea to start thinking about your follow-up workflow procedures, and create CustomerGauge user profiles for some of your colleagues accordingly.


When a customer completes a survey, CustomerGauge can open a case in the tool, as well as send a notification email to a predefined email address, or to an email address uploaded in the data feed. It's standard for a notification email to be sent to the system's central email addresses when a customer requests follow-up in their survey response.

Depending on your CustomerGauge package, you may be able to choose from more advanced options, for instance:

  • Send notification to more than one email address
  • Send notification to a central email address for Detractor scores (0 to 6)
  • Send notification to a central email address for all scores (0 to 10)
  • Send notification based on Agent Email/ Account Manager Email (received in the data) plus a central email address

You can find out which options are available here. Should you wish to know your default workflow configuration or require it to be changed, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Please note advanced options require assisted setup to be done by the CustomerGauge team. 

Add CustomerGauge Users

The number of users available in your platform depends on the CustomerGauge package you purchased. Ideally, both strategic stakeholders and front-end employees should have access. Stakeholders can use the advanced reporting functionalities to develop business plans, while front-end employees will handle day-to-day workflow cases. So when deciding who to add as users, ask yourself these questions:

1) Who is going to follow up with customers who respond to the survey?

Typically, account managers would do the follow-up in a B2B environment, while customer service representatives might do this in a B2C context. Keep in mind though that for more serious issues flagged by your customers, it might make sense for management to contact the unhappy customer.

2) Who needs to analyze the results?

Aside from the people handling the workflow related to survey responses, the people determining company strategy definitely need to have access to the reporting capabilities: higher management and, depending on your industry, designers, developers, product/service managers and so forth.

To add a new user, simply go to the User Manager, which you will find in the menu under Admin, and choose 'Create a new user'. You can check our User Manager support article which shows you which shows you exactly how it's done.

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