Delivery Manager

You can set up the necessary components of your first survey campaign in the Delivery Manager, which you can find in the menu under Setup.

Setting up your campaign: From the Delivery Manager, you can setup your Automated campaigns to start collecting customer feedback. Here you can edit your campaign's recipient filters, invitation template, survey and unsubscribe page. Simply click the 'edit' or 'add' link to go directly into to the Email Editor or the Survey Builder.

Default Campaign: Every CustomerGauge system comes setup with a ready to use default campaign that can be personalized to your needs. In the case of automated campaigns, if you aren't sending more than 1 invitation campaign, you could use the default campaign. The purpose of this campaign is that when any eligible data is uploaded, it would at least meet the parameters to send the default campaign. The default campaign cannot have any recipient filters associated with it.

Depending on your situation, you may wish to deactivate the default campaign and only have campaigns that have recipient filters. Otherwise, you may want to have your default campaign last on the priority list, so that CustomerGauge checks all campaigns with the recipient filters rules first, and then anything that doesn't fit into those campaigns has the default campaign sent out.

Don't activate or send your campaign just yet though! You might still want to edit your survey's self-select drivers using the Drivers Editor. Plus you'll need to prep your data.

Sending rules

Invitation Rules: When you upload customer records into the system, we will normally send a survey invitation almost immediately.  This is followed by a Reminder to non respondents, which by default is 7 days after the Invitation email. If you would like another interval to the default one - please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Duplication Rules: To avoid annoying your customers with too many survey invitations, we include a duplication rule in the system. By default, no more than one survey invitation can be sent to the same email address within a 90-day period. There is some variation possible for this rule. Some options are:


· email + 90 days (best practice)

· email + 30 days

· order number

· order number + 90 days

· email + division + 90 days

· email + segment_x + 90 days

· order number + division


You can find out more about how the duplication rule works here. Ask your Customer Success Manager which options are available in your package.


Sending Delay: Your Customer Success Manager will also be able to advise you if you wish to implement a sending delay, where for instance emails are sent X number of days after your order date, or a sending time gate, if you only wish to send emails within certain hours of the day.

If you are happy with the default sending rules you will not need assisted setup here.

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