If you have purchased SMS as a delivery method in your system, you will be able to set up and edit your SMS templates from inside the Delivery Manager. The SMS Editor will be visible as part of the Template Editor for any campaign which has SMS activated. If SMS is not activated, the editor won't appear.

Please note that templates may be used for multiple campaigns! If you edit a particular template (email or SMS) it will be adjusted for all campaigns using that template.

Activating SMS in a campaign

Firstly, if you see this grayed-out box under the SMS icon:

Then it means your CustomerGauge system has not yet been configured for sending SMS. Please reach out to our Support Team or your Customer Success Manager to get this configured, and have this option become available.

Once your system has been configured for SMS, there are 3 ways to activate it:

  1. Creating a new campaign: Tick the phone box
  2. Adding on a draft campaign: Tick the phone box
  3. Adding on active campaigns: Tick the phone box

Editing the template

To edit your SMS template you can click Add or Edit under Template, or you will be redirected to the SMS Editor if you already have a template selected before checking the box for SMS, under the Delivery Method column. If you click on cancel, on the pop-up, the SMS option box will be unchecked. Once you're on the Template Editor skip to the SMS step of the editor.

Once you are in the Editor, you will need to select a sender number (or ID) from the drop down or click on Select template specific sender if you want to send from different numbers for each template. You will see text input boxes for each language which has been activated in the Template Options step of the Editor. 

  1. Simply enter the desired text in the correct language for your SMS.

    Important: The maximum length for a single text message is 160 characters (or 70 with unicode encoding). If your message exceeds this, your customer will still view it as a single message, but you will be charged for multiple messages. Please beware that your message could exceed the character limit due to merge tags adding an unexpected amount of characters. Do note that the survey link usually takes about 27 characters, so would want to leave room for that.

  2. Use the 'merge tags' drop down on the right in order to add dynamic fields like 'first name' or 'country'. The merge tags drop down also allows you to add the survey link, which needs to be included for each language in which you plan to send SMS.

  3. If you selected Select template specific sender you need to select the sender number that you want for each template. Otherwise this option won't show and all templates will be sent with the same number (selected on the 'Select a sender' step). 

From the Delivery Manager, you can preview your SMS text for a particular campaign by clicking on the 'Preview' link beneath the template dropdown. After choosing the desired language, you can select the delivery method you wish to preview, including primary email, reminder email, and SMS.

NEW: SMS Reminder

You can also choose to send reminders for your SMS Campaigns. The reminder text sent will be the exact same template as the primary and will follow the same reminder day rule as your email campaign. Do note that once a reminder setting is turned ON for your system - it will immediately become applicable for all SMS campaigns active in your system and will consume SMS's from your bundle purchased. Your Customer Success Manager can turn ON this option for you.


  • If you don't select a general number or a specific one but has text on the template you won't be able to save
  • The same happens if you select a number but don't have the number selected (general or template specific)
  • If you completed one template and have a number selected (general or template specific) you will be able to save, even if you have several templates not filled out.
  • If you upload a file that requires a template that you did not created, the SMS will not be sent
  • NB: To send an SMS you need to skip the email address in the upload (keep it blank), and only have the sms number. The system will first check if there is an email and if there is no email only then it checks for sms number. 
  • Please ensure you place the country code in front of the mobile number.  For example Australian numbers will be: 614200XXXXX