Why do I see an error like "ERR_2030" when I try to view my digital signage?

You may need to adjust your digital signage authentication method - you can check this under Settings. If your authentication method is set to 'White List', you need to set it to 'URL' in order to view the signage at any location through URL:

How does the NPS Trend slide decide what period to group by?

Depending on the amount of days/weeks/months selected in the date range, the NPS Trend data increment adjusts itself dynamically to give a clear overview and not to display many columns.

The calculations are as follows:

0 to 7 days: group by day
8 to 32 days: group by week
33 to 180 days: group by month
181 to 365 days: group by quarter
365+ days: group by year

How can I insert images into my digital signage? 
There isn't a straightforward solution to adding images into digital signage.  Background images rely on a URL - so they need to be saved somewhere accessible.  To put in a background image you should either have these images hosted somewhere on your servers or if using CG, you need to do the following:

  1. go into Delivery Manager and select a campaign (I would advise a draft campaign that's not live)
  2. Click through to edit the email template and open the email/reminder template (either/or)
  3. Click through to change the logo as you would for the email template and upload your files
  4. This will supply a URL in the template - copy that URL and place in the relevant field within the Digital Signage function
  5. It is very important to exit without saving your changes otherwise your images will replace the ones already in that template