If you wish to push survey results back into your system, you will need to decide where the results should be saved in your system. This part is configured in the 'Fields to pull' step of the setup.

Fields to push

Similarly to the Fields to pull step, in Fields to push you will first need to select into which object you wish to push survey results. It's important to note that you probably won't already have fields available under that object into which you can push survey data. Before you can complete the Fields to push step of the integration setup, you will first need to create custom fields for i.e. NPS score, Comment, Self-select reasons, and any other questions you include in your CustomerGauge survey.

We don't typically recommend that you create these custom fields in the same object from which you pull data for surveying. If you create a field for NPS score in your Contact object, you will only be able to save a single NPS score under that Contact. If over time your Contact responds to multiple surveys, each new survey result will overwrite the previous score. Hence we recommend that you choose an object like Case or Task, and link this to the correct Contact using the Contact ID. (We briefly discussed under Fields to pull above why it's smart to map the object ID when you pull data for surveying.) You can have multiple Cases linked to the same Contact, avoiding the problem of new survey results overwriting old ones, plus you can then set up your own workflow rules based on such objects.

The left-hand column of the Map data fields section of this page will show all of the fields available in your CustomerGauge API output settings. Often, this means it will show not only survey result fields like NPS and Comment, but also all of the data fields like First Name, Company, and so forth. There's normally no need to map all those fields again. Simply map the survey result fields like NPS, Comment, Self-select reasons, and any additional questions. You may also like to map Email Sent Date and Survey Completed Date. Finally, if you wish to link up the survey results with a particular object in your system, you should map the object ID. For example, if you are creating a new Case for each survey result, you may want to push 'Contact ID' into the appropriate field in the Case object. This will ensure the survey result can be linked to the right Contact in your system.

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