The first step you will need to complete is Authentication. Depending on the system you wish to integrate with, you will be asked to either fill in your login details on the Authentication page, or alternatively you will be taken to the external system's environment. Either way, CustomerGauge does not store your login credentials! We simply pass these on to the external system where authentication is completed.

We also ask you to provide a name and description for your integration - this is for your own convenience and will allow you to easily recognise integrations under the My Integrations tab of the Integration Hub.

Salesforce authentication:

1) Enter Instance name and description

2) Enter Salesforce login details in Salesforce environment

3) Successful authentication message

Microsoft Dynamics authentication:

1) Enter Instance name and description, as well as Dynamics login details

(Please note your Dynamics CRM URL will typically be in the format "")

2) Successful authentication message

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