You can now import data into CustomerGauge more easily, as well as getting survey results out, with our in-app Integration feature. You will find this feature under Data in the left-hand menu.

Important: An active integration will normally incur an additional monthly charge. Please log a support ticket or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Integration Hub

Integrations Hub

In the Integration Hub, you will find various external systems to which you can connect from CustomerGauge. To start setting up an integration with one of these systems, simply click the Connect button. You will be guided through the various steps of setting up your integration:

  1. Authentication
  2. Fields to pull
  3. Pull criteria
  4. Fields to push
  5. Confirmation

Can't find the system you wish to integrate with? Let us know and we will do our best to add it to the selection!

Please note: Some of the systems have a greyed-out (non-functioning) Connect button, because the option has not yet been activated by us. Typically, we will activate an option once one of our customers wishes to use it. If the system you wish to integrate with has a non-functioning Connect button, please log a support ticket or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to request for activation of this integration option.

My Integrations

My Integrations Section

Under the My Integrations tab, you will find any integrations you have already set up. This will include any uncompleted integrations. In order to complete or edit an integration setup, choose Edit from the dropdown menu on the relevant integration. This will send you through the setup process again.

With integrations that have been set up with only manual data pulling, you will be able to Pull Data directly from this page (you will be linked through to the Confirmation page).

You can also completely remove an integration from your system by choosing Delete from the dropdown. This action cannot be undone, however you will not lose any data by deleting an integration.

Custom Fields

If you wish to push survey results like NPS score into your external system, you will need to have appropriate fields available (otherwise there won't be anywhere to store the data!). Once you have decided into which object you would like to push survey results, you should create custom fields in that objects for all the survey output fields. Typically these will be:

Net Promoter Score


Self-select reasons

Follow-up yes/no

Follow-up details

Email sent date

Survey completed date

(optional: CustomerGauge ID)

If you have additional questions in your survey, you can add further custom fields for those. If you're unsure which additional custom fields you need to create, ask your Customer Success Manager which fields are available in your API Output - as this determines the available output fields for your integration setup.

For more information on mapping pushback fields, read Integration: Mapping your data.

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