One-Touch Firefighting enables CustomerGauge users to receive alerts and change workflow status from a mobile device. It is intended to turn Detractors and Passives into Promoters while on the go.

1) Alerting the Firefighter

You will receive a regular escalation email on your mobile device, informing you that the feedback has been assigned to you. A prominent call-to-action button marked 'Change' asks you to change the current Firefighting status.

2) Changing the status

When you click on 'Change' you will be taken to an update page, where you can change the status. Note that it is mandatory to leave a comment regarding the change of status prior to updating it. Once you select the new status and type a comment, you can click the Update button below the Comment section.

3) Confirmation

To limit the risk of accidentally changing the status incorrectly, you will be asked to confirm all status changes on the final page.

4) Security features

To minimise any potential risk of sensitive data being accessed, for instance if a mobile phone is misplaced, One-Touch Firefighting has the following safety limitations:

  • The One-Touch Firefighting button expires 24 hours after the escalation email is sent (although this can be configured for a different period of time if necessary)
  • The status can be changed only once. To change a second time, you must log into the CustomerGauge platform
  • Workflow issues cannot be assigned to someone else from within the One-Touch Firefighting feature. To reassign a case, you will also need to log into the CustomerGauge platform
  • One-Touch Firefighting escalation emails can only be sent to existing CustomerGauge users. (This is in contrast to regular escalation emails, which may for instance be sent to a "" email address.)