The inability to log in may also be down several issues. 

99% of all login issues are down to these 4 items - please run through this list in order to check each of them to get you back into the system as quickly as possible.

After trying each solution try to log into your system.

Incorrect username/password.

Take care when entering your username and password. If you are resupplied details it is best to copy/paste these so nothing is incorrect - for example: use of caps/lowercase - the username is case sensitive .

If you accidentally add a space in the password (when you copy/paste), the system will read that space as a character - hence your password will be incorrect.

You may be locked.

As a security measure, your account will automatically be locked if too many incorrect sign-in attempts occur in a short period of time. In those cases, you will see an error message:

If you tried to log in unsuccessfully too many times, your user account will be temporarily blocked. Requesting a new password WILL unblock your access, otherwise you need to try again in 15 minutes.

Your internet browser is too old.

CustomerGauge expects your browser to have certain features. Older versions may not have all the required features and so the login process will not work. For Internet Explorer users, IE11 is required for the CustomerGauge tool.

For security reasons we no longer support older versions of InternetExplorer. For more information please check Microsoft page to know more details about support for older versions

Also, please bear in mind that javascript is required to be enabled.

To check which version of browser you have please go here:

If the pages does not say: “Your web browser is up to date” near the top of the screen please email us the page so we can review it. Look for the “EMAIL THIS INFORMATION” section around the middle of the page. 

Your browser cache may be the issue.

Your may have old files in what is called “browser cache”. Sometimes these files confuse the browser and you need to delete them .

To delete the cache in your browser follow the instructions for your browser here: 

If none of these successfully resolves your login issue please let us know so work through the issue in more detail.