For security reasons, when using Digital Signage you need to ensure that the calling IP address (the IP address of the machine that is showing the sign) has been white-listed. If this is not done then the system will refuse to show the sign and instead provide an error: "No Permissions to View This Feature".

To correct this error you need to white-list the correct IP address:

Step 1: Learn the IP address of the calling machine.

Open a browser on the machine that is showing the Digital Signage and go to the following website:

It will show you the IP address that the internet, and CustomerGauge, see for that machine. For example (yours will be different) : "Your IP Address is".

Tip: if you are able to log into CustomerGauge using the machine with which you are trying to view the DigiSign, you can also establish the correct IP from inside CustomerGauge. See step 2 below.

Step 2: Whitelist the IP address

Go to the Digital Signage editor (Admin/Digital Signage) and select Edit for the sign that is not working. On this page you can also find the IP address of the machine with which you are logged into CustomerGauge.

Open the Settings tab and look for the IP White List setting. Enter the IP address from step 1 above, e.g. Then Add and Save.

You can use "wildcards" in your IP addresses. See here:

Task complete.

Now refresh the browser and the sign should appear normally.