Sometimes a customer will reply directly to a survey invitation email, by clicking on the Reply button in their email programme. These direct replies are routed back into your CustomerGauge platform. You should check for new direct replies on a regular basis, in case a customer uses this method to request followup or report an issue.

You can find the direct replies in the Data Transport Report (this may be either under Admin or Reports in the menu depending on your platform setup). Next, select the All Time Direct Replies button:

This page will give you a list of direct replies, including the send date, name, email address, subject line, and the content of the email itself. By default, the newest direct replies will show up first. To view an email in its original format, click View Email on the right side of the table.

Before loading your direct replies into the tool, we filter out auto-replies and out-of-office notifications. We do this using a predefined list of subject lines, so that when a subject line contains for example 'Automatic Reply' we filter this out. If you are still seeing auto-replies in this list, let us know and we may be able to add further criteria to our filter.

v4.1 Update: Message types & Basic workflow

With the update of v4.1, we've introduced Message types and Basic workflow, to help you work through any e-mail replies you may have received.

Introducing Message types

Instead of discarding messages when we detect them as 'spam' or 'auto-reply' we now store them along with your other direct replies.

Through the 'Display type' checkboxes at the top of the report you can toggle whether you want to see them, or not.

Simply tick the checkboxes to change which messages show up.

If you find a direct reply that is incorrectly classified as spam or auto-reply, you can change the message type by selecting 'Feedback' from the select box.

Introducing Status

To make it easier to work through, and keep track of all your direct replies, we introduced three different statuses.

Just like the message types, you can easily change the status from the select box, as well as toggling which statuses you'd like to see messages of.

Choose a different status from the Status select box.