Sometimes a user will enter an incorrect password too many times. When this happens, their account is blocked (deactivated) as a security precaution. In order to activate their account again, you should go into the Users Manager.

Please note: only an Admin user will be able to activate a user account. If your account has been blocked, please contact someone inside your company who has Admin access to CustomerGauge, and ask them to activate your account. If you are yourself an Admin user and your account has been blocked, you will need to request another Admin user in your system to unblock your account. Alternatively, log a support ticket by sending an email to

For Admins:

Go to Users Manager, and locate the affected user in the user list. You will see that they are greyed out:

Simply click the grey circle in the box hovering to the right - it should turn blue:

This user has now been activated again. From the login page, they should now select the option "Forgotten Password" to receive a new password. Alternatively, as an Admin you can edit this user in the User Manager and change their password: