So you received your first responses, and you handled any burning issues through Firefighting. The next step is to analyze your results!

The NPS method is about driving improvement, so what matters is how you will increase your NPS over the next few months. What is important though at this stage, is identifying root causes for both Detractors and Promoters, and identifying any trends within your organization or your customer base. It's also very important to assess your response rate and see how you might improve it - see more in Step 7: Boost your response rate.

Root cause analysis

Your Detractors have their reasons for giving you a score between 0-6, and your Promoters have their reasons for the 9 or 10 they awarded. In order to fix the issues of the former, and replicate the successes of the latter, you need to find out what those reasons are. That's where the Self Select Reasons report comes in. This report shows you which self-select reasons were ticked most often by your customers - allowing you to filter on either Detractors or Promoters (or Passives, or some combination of the above):

You can read more about the Self Select Issues report here.

Finding patterns

Are certain agents or divisions in your company doing better than others? Are certain groups of customers happier than others? You can find out using the NPS by Segment report:

In order to be able to detect patterns, it's important to upload the right data. Read more about which data to upload here.

If you establish that a certain agent is doing much better than the others, you can dive down into their survey responses and find out what they're doing right, so that you can teach your other agents to do the same. If a particular segment of your customer base is unhappier than the rest, find out what they're unhappy about and fix it. You can click through to the individual responses from the table view:

NPS Benchmarks

Our customers are often interested in NPS benchmarks. This blog post discusses why benchmarks are in fact of little value to your own organization: Don’t Waste Your Time On External Net Promoter Benchmarks. We do however provide the NPS Benchmarks website which allows companies to publish their NPS and thus build up industry benchmarks - use with caution!

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