Now that you've sent survey invitations to your customers, you will see responses coming into the tool. Your Dashboard will update automatically every few seconds to reflect any new responses and your reports will start populating with data. Crucially, some of the survey responses will require immediate followup or 'Firefighting' by you.

Followup request or Detractor Scores

Your customers may indicate in the survey that they wish to be contacted:

If a customer answers YES to this question, a case will be opened in CustomerGauge and an automatic alert email will be sent to you. 

CustomerGauge also strongly recommends following up with all Detractors (people who respond with 0-6 on the NPS question). Typically, CustomerGauge will open a case for any detractor responses as well. 

You can go directly to the open case through the link in this email*:

*Contact your CSM for assistance in configuring who these email alerts go to and when they get sent. 

Clicking on the link will take you to the customer's information and detailed response page:

Once you've contacted the customer, you can enter your actions in the Workflow comment box and set the case to Close (or to Progress, if it is not resolved yet). You can also assign the case to another user:

When you assign a case to another user, they will receive an automated email to notify them, and ask them to follow up on the case inside CustomerGauge. (Please note that the number of different users to which you can assign cases depends on your CustomerGauge package.)

Firefighting overview

You can get an overview of survey responses and cases in Task Details under the Fire Fighting tab in the menu:

You can click through on each of the numbers in the tables to go to the relevant list of cases.

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