So you've finalized your invitation campaign, your data is ready to go, and you've prepped your team. This is where it gets exciting! But before actually sending survey invitations to your customers, it's best to send yourself a test invitation and survey. 

Prepare a few test records using your own email address and those of some colleagues. Have another look at Step 2: Prep your data if you're unsure how to do this.

Send a test invitation (Automated Campaign)

If you're using an Automated Campaign,

  • Simply upload the test records directly via Import Data by clicking the 'Transactional Data' option - your records will be automatically processed and survey invitations should arrive in your inbox quickly.
  • You can check the sending stats via the Delivery Manager, or you can also drill down from the Upload List feature on the Import Data page.

Make sure you check the email and survey thoroughly on multiple devices! If you want to make any changes use the Delivery Manager or Drivers Editor as needed, and then repeat the above steps to send another test email.

(Please note you should use a different email address in order to avoid getting caught in any duplication rules - so it may be best not to use all available email addresses for your first send! If you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and assisted setup, you could also reach out and ask for your initial test data to be deleted before proceeding to send more tests to the same addresses.)

Once you are happy with everything, your test data should be deleted so that it doesn't influence your live results. Your Customer Success Manager can help make sure all test data is deleted.

Send the survey invitations via Import Data

You're now completely ready to send out survey invitations to your customers: your campaign is all set up and tested, and your customer data is ready to go.

If you're using an Automated Campaign, simply upload your actual customer data via the Import Data feature, and your customers will automatically receive their survey invitations. Now all you need to do is wait for your responses!

Send the survey invitations via Integrations

You can set up Integrations with external systems, which will automatically trigger your Automated Campaign, and push survey results back to the origin system. You can find this in the menu under "Setup" → "Integration Hub".

If you're using the Business User version all that's left to do is press the "Save and pull" button to do a one-time sending. If you're setting up an Automated Pull instead, press the "Save" button. If you're using the Technical User version, press the Pull button for manual sending, or "Save & Next" on any unsaved step.

Send the survey invitations via API upload

We also offer a stable of APIs in our API Suite that allow you to upload survey invitation records from an external system. When you are ready to go-live you can upload multiple survey invitation records at the same time, or an individual one, based on your needs. The records that are received by CustomerGauge will be processed immediately. 

Send the survey invitations via sFTP upload

You would have received an sFTP folder during your onboarding process where you should upload your survey invitation data file. To go-live with the sFTP option - you will need to upload your finalised data file to this dedicated sFTP bucket. The file is picked up and processed in an automated manner once a day in the morning.