In this step, we are going to help you put your customer data together in order to send out survey invitations. You can read more about which data to upload here.

It's easiest to start by downloading a data sample. Go to Import Data under the Setup tab, and click Upload File:

Next, click on Download Data Structure and select the data type you wish to upload. If you will be sending a Manual Campaign, you should choose Contact List, while Transactional Data is the appropriate data type for Automated Campaigns(Historical Data is data from a previous NPS programme - find out more about it in the Import Data FAQ.)

You can use XLS, CSV or XML data formats.

This will download a file with the system's default data structure and some test data in it - use this sample file to create your own customer records.

Additional format tips when preparing your data for upload:

  • Email field – this is a mandatory requirement for the invite. You can load this data but the records with no email will be rejected. It’s best to remove those before you load.
  • Datetime field – NB: this needs to be yyyy-mm-dd.
  • Mobile number field – the format for this needs to be country code + number, no leading “0”. So (for AU) 0416040566 -> 61416040566.  For the UK it will be 44xxxx etc. If you’re not using SMS for survey invites you could really remove this from your load if it’s too hard to clean up.
  • Missing values – except for the mandatory columns it is possible to miss values if you don’t have them. Customer/IDs will just get blanks in their records

In Step 4 of this guide, we'll show you how to upload your customer data in order to send survey invitations. But first, let's Rally your team!

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