In this step, we are going to help you put your data together.  There are different data objects that you can upload into CustomerGauge for your Surveying and Analytics. 

Click on the following links to get an in-depth overview what you need to prepare from a data standpoint and the available upload options for each data object type.

Data Object
DescriptionAvailable Upload Type
Support Documentation
Account/Revenue Data
This data allows you to leverage the Account Experience and Monetized Reporting.

In-App, API

Click here to know more about which data fields you need to prepare for and how you can upload this information into CustomerGauge.
Survey Invitation Data
Use this to upload your customer data for survey sending. Typically is will be sent out immediately based on the rules of your system.In-App, API, CRM Integrations, sFTP You can read more about which survey data to upload here.
Historical Survey Data
Use this to upload datato add data from previous a NPS campaign or a campaign conducted outside of CustomerGauge.In-App, API

Click here to read about how to upload historical data.
Activity Data
Use this upload to put activity data such CRM activities, Support Tickets etc from any system into CustomerGaugeAPI

Click here to know more about how to bring in activity data into CustomerGauge.

In Step 4 of this guide, we'll show you how to upload your customer data in order to send survey invitations. But first, let's Rally your team!

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