The Data Transport Report provides statistics on the uploading and sending of survey invitation records in your system. You will usually find this report under Admin in the menu - though sometimes it will be found under Reports. It may sometimes be referred to as the Mail Transport Report or Email Transport Report.


For optimal results in the Data Transport Report you should only search by Order Date. If you search by Sent Date you will not see stats on any failed records. If you search by Completed Date you will not see stats on failed records, nor on any non-responses.

The right-hand table gives a breakdown of successful and unsuccessful records.

Heading/Sub-Heading Definitions

Successfully uploaded: All records that were successfully uploaded using any of the upload options – In-App upload, SFTP or API.

Waiting to be sent: Records waiting in the Mailqueue

Failed to deliver: All emails that were not delivered to the customer due to an error.

  • Error General – A non-specified error - this may be due to an invalid email address.
  • Error data – An error in the data feed, for example when a mandatory data field missing.
  • Error template – Indicates that the correct email template could not be generated. This may be because the data does not match any available template rules, or (uncommonly) because there is an error in the template code on our side.
  • Bounce – The email was returned to the sender because it could not be delivered - for example the email address no longer exists.
  • Spam – The email was flagged as unsolicited email by the recipient's mail server.
  • Unsubscribe – A contact has used the Unsubscribe link in the invitation email because they not wish to be contacted again regarding the survey.
  • Duplicated – A contact has been uploaded more than once within the period set in your duplication rules.

Delivered: All the emails that have been successfully delivered to the customer.

  • Primary – Records for which an invitation email only has been sent (so far).
  • Reminder – Records for which a reminder email has been sent.
  • Opened  Survey invitation emails which have been opened, without the customer proceeding to the survey.
  • Clicked – Survey links which have been clicked, without the customer completing the survey.
  • Completed  Surveys which have been completed.

Unknown: Usually these records are simply waiting to be processed - if you check back later they should have moved to one of the above buckets. If not, log a ticket with us by emailing and we can help you find out what went wrong.

Is my sending on?

If no emails are being sent out, the first thing to check is whether or not your sending is actually turned ON. If a lot of duplicate email addresses are uploaded in a short period of time, the 'safe sending' option may be triggered - which will lead to your email sending being turned OFF. In the Data Transport Report, you can see the current sending status at the top right of the Overview. If it is OFF, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Why did a particular record duplicate?

If you click on the 'Duplicated' row in the table to the right of the overview, you will see an explanation of the duplication rule. You will also see the specific rule in place in your system:

All Time Bounces, Unsubscribes, Direct Replies

Click through on any of the three buttons at the top of the overview to view a list of All Time Bounces, All Time Unsubscribes, or All Time Direct Replies

Each list can be exported, and Bounces and Unsubscribes also link back to the customer record.


Each row is a 'bucket'

In the right-hand side overview of the failed and successful records, it's useful to view each row as a bucket, rather than interpreting this breakdown as a funnel. A record can sit in only one bucket at a time. For example: if a customer has received the initial invitation email, the record will sit in Primary Sent; if they open the email the record will leave Primary Sent and move to Email Opened; if they click on the survey link the record will leave Email Opened and move to Survey Opened, etc.

Scroll down for individual records

When you click on any row in the right-hand side breakdown table, a list of records matching that row will appear at the bottom of the page. So don't forget to scroll down! You can export this information as Excel, CSV or XML. It's a good idea to use this information to improve the quality of your data by updating bounces and checking for other data errors such as misspelled email addresses.