The Customer Life Cycle Report segments customers by spend and slices the results by Net Promoter Score®. It allows you to:

  • See at a glance which of your high-spend customers are Detractors, Passives, Promoters, and Non-respondents.
  • Analyse your company's Pareto Effect (also known as the 80/20 Rule).
  • Select high-spending Promoters (your best customers!) for targeted marketing 

  • Identify and save important at-risk customers: high-spending Detractors

Once you have purchased the Customer Life Cycle Report, you can find it in the menu under Reports.


The Customer Life Cycle Report has three main sections:
  • Value and Loyalty: Promoters and Detractors
  • Value and Loyalty (6 Box): Promoters, Passives and Detractors
  • Climbers/Fallers: Growing or decreasing score

Each section includes a visual overview of the customer segments, as well as a table view. You can also drill down to the relevant customer lists, and drill down further to a customer's individual purchases, comments and scores.

Before analysing data in each section, make sure you have selected the desired date period and country:

Value and Loyalty

The Value and Loyalty section shows a breakdown of your customers by value and by Promoters versus Detractors (Passives may be grouped with either). Using this section, you can for example identify high-spending Promoters - your best customers! Alternatively, you could zero in on customers you need to save: high-spending Detractors.

Value and Loyalty (6 box)

The Value and Loyalty (6 box) section functions in the same way as the regular Value and Loyalty section. The difference is that the 6 box allows you to segment your customers according to the standard NPS categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. This allows for a more fine-grained view of the results.


The Climbers/Fallers section of the report only takes into consideration customers who responded to your survey invitation more than once. This allows you to view customer value against their evolving experience with your company. Are your high spenders growing more or less loyal over time?

Please note that the trend is determine by the most recent two survey responses. For example, if a customer responded to five survey invitations and scored in sequence 10,9,8,5, and 10, this customer will be classified as a climber although overall the trend is downwards.

Table View

Each section includes a table overview at the bottom of the page. This overview gives a summary of the information included in the detailed chart, and also includes the response rate for each customer segment.

Drill Down

All the blue numbers in the charts and tables are clickable, allowing you to go to the relevant list of customers. This list indicates the customer's 'period value' (based on your date filtering), their life time value, number of purchases, last score, first and last order, and personal details.

By clicking on a customer email address, you can drill down to that individual's Customer Page. This page shows their survey responses and purchase history over time.

The table overview at the bottom of this page gives details for each survey invitation linked to a purchase, including invitations to which the customer did not respond. You can click on each case number to go to the individual survey invitation Customer Details page.