The Net Promoter Score® Report can be accessed from the menu under Reports ➝ By CustomerGauge Click on Report name or View button to open the report.  

Please note: The standard reports are not editable. If you do want to do that, you can make a Copy of the report. The copied report will be shown under the My Reports tab on Report Hub.

Your Net Promoter Score charted for each period. In the Filter option you will find the filter options for date type, date range, and various advanced options like country, company or division. You can also set how you want your dates to be grouped, charting the NPS by week or month depending on your preference. Click here for more information about On-the-fly settings.

You can print your chart or choose how you want to download from a few different options.

NPS overtime view

Aside from the main chart, you will also find a chart breaking down the responses by type: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. Additionally, a table is included showing all the information plus comments in one view. And as on all our tables, you can export the data as an XLS or PNG and click on the headers to sort the columns.