FileZilla Setup Instructions

Below you can find set-up instructions on how to make a connection to a SFTP server using FileZilla as client.

1. Download and install filezilla client

Filezilla can be downloaded here It is a free product and available for multiple platform (windows, Mac OSX, linux).

2. Using you text editor (text wrangler in Mac, notepad in windows) create new file and paste the content of the key file documentation into it. Save the file using .ppk as extention

3. In Mac, go to Filezilla->Preferences (for windows/linux search for preferences in the menu)

Go to SFTP in the menu.

Click “Add keyfile” this step will open a dialog bar like this

Select the file you created in the step number 2 above.

There will be a prompt message like below:

Click yes and name the key file then save it.

Click OK

4. Open your filezilla go to file->Site Manager. There will be a dialog box like below

5. Change protocol into SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

6. Change the logon type to Normal

7. Put your username clientxxxx from the keyfile string. 

8. Host 

  • EU: (IP address
  • US: (IP address
  • AU: (IP address

 We recommend connecting to the SFTP using the hostname instead of the IP address

9. Press connect, it will close the dialog box.

10. Congratulations!! You are now connected to CustomerGauge SFTP, you can start uploading your file now. 

Please note that the file needs to be posted in the incoming folder!