The NPS by Segment Report can be accessed in the menu under Reports ➝ By CustomerGauge. Click on NPS by Segment report name or View button to open your report.  

Please note: The standard reports are not editable. If you do want to do that, you can make a Copy of the report. The copied report will be shown under the My Reports tab on Report Hub.

The NPS® by Segment report allows you to compare NPS results from different segments next to each other for easy comparison. For example, you may like to compare the NPS score per country or per industry. This report allows you to do so in one view. You can print your chart or choose a download option from the list of available options.

On Filter, you will find all the usual filter options for date type, date range, and various advanced options like country, company, or division. You can also set what kind of segments you want to group, like industry or division depending on your preference. Click here for more information about On-the-fly settings.

Note: This report includes an order by, order direction and minimum responses, allowing the viewer to select how he wants the data ordered, the direction, and the minimum responses for each segment you chose. Using this filter will make it much easier to analyze your results. Don't forget to Apply your changes.

You will also find the results in a table view at the bottom of the page. You can drill down on the blue numbers to view individual responses for each sub-category. And as on all our tables, you can exportas XLS or PNG and click on the headers to sort the columns.